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Thursday, 26 November 2009

‘You pass this way but once. There’s no such thing as normal. There’s you and there’s the rest. There’s now and there’s forever. Do as you damn well please or you could end up being a pot-bellied, hairless boring fart.’

I first realised that I wanted to be an entertainer when I was about ten or twelve. At first I wanted to be Hank Williams, it was quite funny really, my father was a devout Catholic and we lived in the Barras, which is a market place in Glasgow. In the market they sold records, there was always Neil Sedaka booming out and the pop of the day. My father bought a record called Dear Mary by Slim Whitman, thinking that it was a hymn. He thought it was about Mary, the mother of Jesus. When he got it home he was disappointed to find that I was a love song – a song mourning lost love, but I loved it and I urged him to get more, so he asked the guy in the shop who gave Hank Williams and so I learnt to yodel. I thought that I would like to be a Hank Williams kind of guy. He had a character called Luke The Drifter and I saw myself as Luke The Drifter yodelling through life.



Tuesday, 24 August 2010


November Appearance at the Criterion Theatre for ‘A Special Audience With Billy Connolly’ raising money for Besting Blood Cancers

September - November Filming ‘Quartet’

September Route 66 is broadcast on ITV1

August Billy appears on BBC2 Scotland’s “Gerry Rafferty: Right Down the Line” documentary

June Billy is interview for Alan Yentob’s ‘The Art of Standup’

April – June Billy begins Route 66 journey filming for ITV

April Billy records two poems for Disney’s “A Poem Is…”

January – March Billy completes a nine week tour of Australia

Bill Connolly